Talent as a Service

Talent as a Service - The Latest Talent Acquisition Model

As a business operating in today's increasingly connected and competitive market, you are more than likely facing the unique challenges of talent acquisition at a time when sourcing talent is changing and developing into a more complicated process than ever before.

Two of the most important shifts that we experience today are:

  1. The virtualization of the workforce which came alongside the technological developments of the last decade: high-speed internet, mobility, online collaboration, and social media tools. (Remember the days when working a day or two from home was almost impossible?)
  2. Concurrent workplace and talent lifestyle changes; increasing reliance on contractors, and talent seeking flexible work environments. An October 2010 Intuit report suggests that by 2020 there will be a 20-40% increase in the amount of contract work [1]. (How many of you work around contractors or temps today vs. 5 years ago?)

Yet acquiring talent in itself doesn't pose a challenge. The challenge arises within the constraints when talent is needed. For example, anyone with unlimited time, money, and networking capabilities should be able to acquire the right talent. But most companies have limited resources and find themselves in critical situations when they need someone immediately and/or with a niche talent for an operation. Read on to learn about a new development in talent acquisition that will give your business the transformative edge to compete in today's markets.

Talent as a Service - What is it?

The latest development in talent acquisition is known as Talent as a Service (TaaS). TaaS is a new labour model in talent acquisition, allowing businesses to access high quality, on-demand talent and expertise on an as-needed basis, through cloud-based platforms (some refer to it as a direct-to-contractor model). Simply put, it is the "Uber-ification" of Talents.

While today we're mostly familiar with Software, Platform, Infrastructure or Data as a Service (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS...etc.), we're less familiar with Talents as a Service, managing the Talents needed to efficiently run all of these XaaS platforms. TaaS specifically targets the needs of businesses regarding this talent acquisition. Importantly, it disrupts traditional understandings of the workforce by modeling the gig economy, introducing a unique approach to crowdsourcing. Essentially, a TaaS model primarily allows companies to instantly and efficiently find those most suited for critical projects, and at the same time not ruling out finding specialized full-time employees (FTE).

What Can Talent as a Service Make Possible for You?

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