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At Oraconnect, our mission is simple - to be the trusted Oracle-specialized Talent-as-a- Service cloud platform that makes it easy to hire Oracle-specialists and to find Oracle-specific work. As the workforce continues to evolve and virtualize, we want to be at the forefront and build a socio-business network that instantly connects Oracle clients and Oracle specialists, local or across the globe, with a new corporate IT delivery model.


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Founder of Oraconnect, Mahmoud Abou-Elneel took his 15+ years of experience leading Oracle projects for tier-one consulting firms (Oracle partners) and for industry-leading Oracle clients, and created Oraconnect. Mahmoud wants to help by making expert Oracle talent available, easily and on-demand.

Along with helping Oracle clients seek talent, we provide a network for Oracle specialists to easily find exciting and higher-paying projects, build a network of clients, and ultimately enjoy a healthy work-life balance There is so much potential work for Oracle talent to find, and plenty of Oracle clients who are looking for more affordable and efficient implementation and support. We make this connection easier and provide future success for all.

If you are an Oracle client or Oracle specialist, let Oraconnect be your go-to network to connect with the help and projects needed to grow your business.

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The first Oracle-Specialized Talent-as-a-Service cloud platform that instantly connects you to Oracle specialists worldwide.